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Promoting knowledge and collaboration between scientists in Africa and its diaspora around the globe.

AiS Support and Membership

Why support AiS?

Africa in Science (AiS) relies on support from a wide range of sources and there are many ways that you can help and care for our unique platform and related resources. Your support and investment will help foster a unique Africa-centric database, online hub and international, independent ThinkTank that aim at enhancing the global reach of the research and scientific output of the rising continent, Africa.

Your support helps us to do the following:

  • Monitor the scientific research output of Africa-based institutes.
  • Uncover the numbers behind scientific research progress in Africa.
  • Shed light on the impact of education, human development and economic and societal sectors on research by Africa-based institutes - from a scientometric perspective.
  • Increase visibility of scientific research of Africa-based universities and institutes.
  • Raise global awareness of scientific opportunities within Africa.
  • Strengthen local and regional collaborative networks within the continent.
  • Engage with local and global communities interested in science in Africa.
  • Contribute to the continued growth of science in Africa.

This will be achieved through:

  • Scientometric analysis that includes AiS unique Africa-centric metrics that is shared with our community in and outside Africa.
  • Publishing independent, multi-disciplinary scientific research reports, annual reviews and educational video lectures.
  • Expansion and protection of our unique Africa-centric database.
  • Maintenance and improvement of our website.
  • Partnering and supporting like-minded initiatives in Africa and around the globe.
  • Direct support of research in Africa through research fellowships.
  • Mentoring and providing apprenticeships at AiS to early-career professionals in the fields of scientometrics, bibliometrics, software development, cloud engineering.

How to support AiS?

There are a number of ways you can engage with AiS online hub, Africa-centric database and Think Tank's research agenda and support our work:

Academic Membership

Academic research institutions, universities and individual researchers who seek unlimited access to advance search features of AiS Africa-centric database, a library of educational videos and an archive of AiS research reports and annual reviews can join us as academic members.

Associate Membership

Not-for-profit partners and non-governmental organisations who want to gain access to AiS Africa-centric database, a library of educational videos and an archive of AiS research reports and annual reviews can join us as associate members. To find out more about our current partners and associates, visit AiS partners and sources webpage.

Corporate Membership

We, at AiS, are actively reaching out and seeking collaboration and support from businesses who can support our work by sponsoring a number of AiS features that include website, educational videos, research reports and annual reviews as Corporate sponsors. To find out more about our business collaborators and sponsors, visit AiSSponsors page.

To become a member and to find out more ways to support us, Email us at [email protected].