Africa In Science

We believe that research into issues and diseases that affect local populations should be led and conducted by local and regional research institutes.

Our Team

Members of our international team bring together over 50 years’ worth of combined experience in the fields of data science and analytic, basic and clinical scientific research, global health, law, economic, software development and database cloud engineering. We, at AiS, are constantly on the lookout for early- and mid-career talents with background and expertise that benefit and advance the cause of our new initiative with a BIG ambition and inspiration to transform itself into an international, independent ThinkTank. To join the AiS team, contact us at [email protected].

Soulaymane Abiadou

Software Developer

Adeoluwa Adeboye

Software developer & Data Scientist

Prince N. Amaniampong, PhD.

Business & Fundraising Executive

Renwick Beattie, PhD.

Data Scientist

Cyril D. Boating, PhD.

Advisor & Communication Executive

Arkadiusz K. Borucki

Database Engineer

Xikang Chen

Software Developer

Nicholas Dannias, PhD.

Business & Marketing Executive

Nader Ale Ebrahim, PhD.

Impact and Visibility Consultant

Elsid Elgizoli, MSc.

Management Consultant

Aymen I. Idris, PhD.

Founder, Chairman, Data Scientist & Editor

Milu Sini Lal, MSc.

Advisor & Legal Executive

Beldina Owalla, PhD.

Research Associate

Joseph Torsney

Software Developer

Nneoma Uzo, MBChB.

Communication Consultant